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Helping students learn so that they may become productive, creative, ethical, engaged citizens and leaders.

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As Academic Advisors, we are here to support you throughout your time at Central. We are available for guidance and planning in order to help you successfully meet all your degree requirements. It is critical to your success to see us early and prior to enrollment. We love when you come see us! You need to be aware of policies, prerequisites, and curriculum requirements and changes and how you may be affected by them so that nothing gets in your way of walking across the graduation stage. We are here to help you navigate through your degree, select courses, and also to connect you with the appropriate resources on campus to ensure your success. We look forward to working with you!


To schedule a time to meet with your advisor, visit our Advising Appointments page.


Meet Your Advisor

Freshman Advisors (located in NUC 121)

For new incoming Freshmen and students with under 30 earned hours.

Hannah Leftwich

Jonnie Machell

Lisa Will


College of Fine Arts and Design (located in NUC 121)

Pam Platz - Studio Art, Art History, Art Education, Dance, Dance Education, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Music Theatre, Percussion Performance, Piano Performance, String Performance, Vocal Performance, Wind Performance, Music Education (Instrumental, Vocal), Theatre Arts (Design & Technology, Performance), & Theatre/Communication Education


College of Business (located in BUS 108)

Stephani Cochran - Economics, Energy Economics, Management, Human Resource Management, PGA Golf Management, International Business, Marketing, Professional Selling

Jeremy Corley - Business Administration, Marketing, Professional Selling

Joan Caldwell - Business Administration, Marketing, Professional Selling

Ashley Weingart – Finance, Insurance & Risk Management, Legal Studies, Management Information Systems, Operations & Supply Chain Management

Jeff Hicks – Accounting & CPA, Marketing, Professional Selling

Niccole Miller – College of Business Admissions



 College of Education & Professional Studies (located in NUC 121)


Reggie Jordan - Community Health, Kinesiology (Exercise/Fitness Management, Recreation Management), & Physical Education/Health

Tami Clavin - Career & Technology Education (Allied Health, Business & Information Technology/Marketing, Family & Consumer Science, Trade & Industrial Education), Speech/Language Pathology, Industrial Safety, & General Studies

Maegan Ballard - Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, & Special Education (Mild-Moderate Disabilities, Severe-Profound/Multiple Disabilities)

Glenda Todd - Organizational Leadership


College of Liberal Arts

Laura Donner (located in MCOM 103) - Mass Communication, Strategic Communication

Tina Kirk (located in LAR 125) - Criminal Justice (Corrections, General Criminal Justice, Police), Modern Languages (French, German, Spanish), Modern Languages Education (French, German, Spanish)

Jeannine Nyangira (located in LAR 125) - English, English - Creative Writing, English Education, Sociology, Sociology - Human Services, & Sociology - Substance Abuse Studies

Gary Parsons (located in MCOM 103) - Communication-Interpersonal Communication, Mass Communication-Professional Media, Photographic Arts, Strategic Communication (Organizational Communication, Strategic Communications.)

Lacey Taylor (located in LAR 125) - Applied Liberal Arts, Geography, History, Humanities, Philosophy, Political Science, Political Science – Public Administration

Brenda Brent (located at the ACM in Downtown OKC) - Technology Application Studies (BAT) for ACM students with AAS degrees only

College of Mathematics & Science (located in NUC 121)

Matt Cherry - Actuarial Science, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science - Applied, Computer Science - Information Science, Engineering Physics, Engineering Physics - Electrical Systems, Engineering Physics - Mechanical Systems, Funeral Service, Mathematics, Mathematics - Applied, Mathematics - Statistics, Mathematics Education, & Indistrial Safety

Stacey Steinmetz - Biology, Chemistry, Chemistry ACS Certified, Chemistry Health Sciences, Clinical Lab Science/Med Tech, Science Education (Biology, Chemistry, General, Physical Science, Physics), & Pre-Professional Programs (Pre-Chiropractic, Pre-Dental, Pre-Medical, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Physician's Assistant, Pre-Radiology, Pre-Veterinary Medicine)

Interdisciplinary Studies (Forensic Science)

Students working on concurrent degrees in Forensic Science will meet with the Academic Advisor of their primary major and are encouraged to meet with the Program Coordinator of the Forensic Science Institute, Cait Porterfield. Students pursuing a second bachelor's degree in Forensic Science will work directly with Cait Porterfield, located in FSI 124.


Director of Academic Advisement: Josh Hammers

Assistant Director of Academic Advisement: Mrs. Driver

Administrative Assistant of Academic Advisement: Jenny Taylor