Broncho Spirit Card Info for Parents

The Card and OneAccount
Like most parents of a college student, you probably have questions about how your son or daughter will cope on their own. Will they be able to handle the pressures of balancing academic structure with social freedoms? How will they manage their money? While UCO will be doing everything it can to help your student adjust to college life, HigherOne wants to help your student manage their finances.

Zero Liability!
Thanks to the MasterCard® Zero Liability Policy, there are no worries about a lost or stolen card. Zero Liability means that your student won't be held responsible in the event of unauthorized use. Simply notify HigherOne immediately if the card is lost, or suspicious activity is suspected.

Easily send money to your student
One of the reasons the OneAccount is so flexible is the ability for you to send money to your student electronically-where it will be directly deposited into their OneAccount. Sending money is easy and requires no special trip to your bank. Simply visit the "Family and Friends" section at

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