Placement Guidelines

The College Placement Test is an adaptive test which means that the sequence of test questions presented to each student and the questions themselves will vary because they are based on responses to prior test questions. This also means that the score generated is not a percentage. The highest score possible for each section of the test is 120.

Please click here to view a more detailed explanation of our course placement guidelines.

The following scores determine course placement:
(College Level/Credit Courses are in bold type)


Sentence Skills

CPT Scores    77 or Higher    English Composition
CPT Scores    76 or Below     Fundamentals of English


Reading Comprehension

CPT Scores    75 or Higher    Freshman Level Reading
CPT Scores    74 or Below     Reading/Study Skills


Algebra Track / Elementary Algebra CPT

CPT Scores    92 or Higher    College Algebra/College Algebra for Business
CPT Scores    65 - 91           Fundamentals of Algebra II
CPT Scores    64 or Below     Fundamentals of Algebra I

Arithmetic Track / Arithmetic CPT

CPT Scores    90 or Higher    Math for General Education
CPT Scores    89 or below     Quantitative Literacy

Arithmetic Track / Elementary Algebra CPT

CPT Scores    75 or Higher    Math for General Education
CPT Scores    74 or below     Quantitative Literacy

**You may retest twice in each subject.

However, if you are unable to bypass remediation after the second attempt, we strongly encourage you to take a developmental course before completing your third and final test.

According to The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education:

"Students with basic academic skills deficiencies or lacking curricular requirements must remove the basic academic skills deficiencies at the earliest possible time but within the first 24 college-level hours attempted. Students continuously enrolled in courses designed to remove deficiencies may be allowed to continue enrollment beyond the 24 hour limit. Students must also remove deficiencies in a discipline area before taking collegiate level work in that discipline. Students admitted to AAS programs must remove deficiencies prior to taking collegiate level work in that discipline."

[Please read the State Regents Procedures Manual (p. 174-178) for more information about remediation]