Enrollment Central

Enrollment Central sessions for the summer and fall semesters begin in May 2015 and continue throughout the summer. Sign-up is now underway. You must sign-up for Enrollment Central in order to participate. If you are unable to attend Enrollment Central advisement and enrollment for incoming freshmen will begin July 31, 2015.

Learn more about Enrollment Central here.

Transfer Enrollment Days and Enrollment Central Online

Transfer Enrollment Days workshops have now concluded for the summer and fall term, but new transfer students can complete the academic orientation process by completing Enrollment Central Online, a web-based orientation to university services and resources. Enrollment Central Online is available now for incoming and readmitting transfer students.

Learn more about Transfer Enrollment Days and Enrollment Central Online here.

Unsure Where You Belong?

If you are unsure which of these events is appropriate for you, we have provided a few tips:

  • Students that have earned college credit through AP exams or concurrent enrollment during high school are still considered freshmen and should attend Enrollment Central.
  • Adult or other non-traditional students with no college credit earned should attend Enrollment Central.
  • Students that are classified as freshmen (less than 30 earned hours) but that have attended another institution as a full or part-time student (concurrent studies excluded) should attend Transfer Enrollment Days or complete Enrollment Central Online.
  • Students seeking a second bachelor's degree or those that are not degree seeking at Central are not required to complete any of the Enrollment Central activities. These students should contact Undergraduate Advisement to schedule an individual appointment.
  • International Students are not required to participate in Enrollment Central. Please contact the Office of Global Affairs for instructions.