Step 3: Enroll

Enrollment Central
In order to enroll, new freshmen take part in our advisement and enrollment program called Enrollment Central. During this time, you will take any necessary placement tests, meet with an academic advisor, and enroll in classes on the same day!  Once you are admitted to UCO, be sure to sign up for an Enrollment Central session! Sessions address:
•    Course Placement
•    Advisement
•    Enrollment
•    Student ID Cards
•    Financial Aid
•    Housing
•    and more...

Your path to becoming a new student at UCO begins by completing the Enrollment Central process.  We look forward to helping you begin your journey at UCO!

By attending Enrollment Central, an appointment with an advisor is taken care of: academic advisement is a significant part of the Enrollment Central process. Once you have completed Enrollment Central, though, you can always schedule a follow up appointment by calling the Center for Undergraduate Academic Advisement at 405-974-2727. We have three permanent, full time freshman academic advisors to serve you.

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Enrolling Online

Enrollment at UCO happens on-line in your student information portal, UCONNECT. To log in to UCONNECT you will need to provide your username and password. Your username is typically your first initial and last name, though there can be a number or numbers after your name, example: Buddy Broncho's username might be bbroncho or bbroncho2. Your password is your birthdate in six digits, mmddyy.

If you are not sure what your username and/or password is, there are links on the UCONNECT website that can help. Be sure to have your student ID number handy! Of course, we will help you with this entire process when you attend Enrollment Central.

Enrolling in Person

In some instances you will need to enroll in person rather than on UCONNECT. This can happen for a variety of reasons. If you are unable to enroll on-line you can always visit Undergraduate Admissions for assistance. A couple of reasons to enroll in person in Undergraduate Admissions could include:
•    You are trying to enroll in a course that requires special permission. In this instance you will have to obtain permission from the appropriate instructor or department and then bring that permission form to Undergraduate Admissions
•    You have received an error in UCONNECT that reads “deficiency overall max”. In this instance you have an unresolved deficiency and must provide proof of enrollment in an appropriate zero level course. You can visit with Undergraduate Admissions or the Rose State @UCO counselor if you have questions about this type of enrollment error.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is located on the 1st floor of the Nigh University Center.