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Scholar search is a centralized database for undergraduates within the UCO College of Mathematics and Science who are seeking on-campus research opportunities. Research projects are listed below by department and faculty member. Undergraduates interested in a particular project can complete and submit the application form here for consideration as a research participant. 


Dr. Troy Baird
Sexual Selection, Signaling, and the Evolution of Social Behavior in Collared Lizards
405 974-5776, HOH 301H,

Dr. James Bidlack
Plant Anatomy and Physiology
405 974-5927, HOH 301B,

Dr. Christopher Butler
Effects of climate change on population, community, and landscape ecology
405 974-5782, HOH 301G,

Dr. William Caire
Mammalian Ecology and Biology
405 974-5480, HOH 401,

Dr. Michelle Haynie
Population Genetics
405 974-5774, HOH 200B,

Dr. Steven Karpowicz
Genetics, genomics, and molecular biology of plants and algae
405 974-5773, HOH 200F,

Dr. Wayne Lord
Insect Ecology
405 974-6918, FSI 110E,

Dr. Melville Vaughan
Cell Biology of Wound Healing, Aging, and Cancer of the Skin
405 974-5725, HOH 301F,


Dr. Lilian Chooback
Cloning, Expression, and Purification of Yeast Aminotransferase
405 974-5481, HOH 314G,

Computer Science

Dr. Jicheng Fu
Intelligent Guidance on Wheelchair Usage for People with Spinal Cord Injuries
405 974-5704, MCS 127,

Dr. Myung Ah (Grace) Park
Energy Saving and Fault-Tolerance in Wireless Ad-Hoc/Sensor/Mesh Networks
405 974-5292, MCS 125,

Dr. Gang Qian
Developing Novel Mobile Applications to Enhance Teaching Effectiveness and the Learning Environment in Computer Science Education
405 974-5716, MCS 117B,

Engineering & Physics

Dr. Alaeddin Abu-Abed
Biological and chemical liquid crystal based sensors using optical and capacitive transduction
405 974-5934, HOH 221S,

Dr. Wei Chen
Laser Immunotherapy for Treatment of Metastatic Tumors
405 974-5198, HOH 214,

Dr. Morshed Khandaker
Development of soft and hard tissue biomaterials for orthopedic applications
405 974-5935, HOH 221H,

 Dr. Evan Lemley
Fluid Flow in Porous Media and Microfluidics
405 974-5198, HOH 221D,

Dr. Gang Xu
Cellular and Subcellular Biomechanics of Cilia and Flagella
405 974-5461, HOH 221B,

Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Brittany Bannish
Mathematical Physiology and Modeling Blood Clot Degradation
405 974-5252, MCS 102,

Dr. Sean Laverty
Mathematical ecology and epidemiology
405 974-5942, MCS 152,

Dr. Tracy Morris
405 974-5218, MCS 146,

Dr. Charlotte Simmons
Coding Theory, Cryptology, and the History of Mathematics
405 974-2722, HOH 208,


Dr. Linda Rider
Health of Newborns and Mothers
405 974-5176, CHS 121A,

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