Career Advancement Information

Career Ladder GradsCurrently there are two Career Advancement tracks available for nurses who attend the University of Central Oklahoma.  One is for RN to BS students, the other is designed for the LPN to BS student.   To find out how you can obtaining a baccalaureate degree as a Career Advancement Student, review our guide and overview of the process.

Applications are accepted for the RN to BS program in the Fall and in the Spring.  A student who has completed all prerequisites and chooses the full-time option may complete the program in as little as 2 semesters.  Preference dates for application are the last Friday in March and the last Friday in October of each year. Students who apply after the preference date will be admitted based on space available and applications must be received by the first Friday in August for the Fall semester or the second Friday in December for the Spring semester.  Check our list of our suggested plan of study options for full-time and part-time completion.

Applications are accepted for the LPN to BS program each Spring with classes beginning in the Fall.  Students admitted to this program complete the coursework in a 16 month time span to include the Fall-Spring-Summer-Fall semesters.  This option is only available on a full-time basis.  The deadline for application is the last Friday in March of each year. 

Applications for both programs may be obtained from the Nursing Office in the Coyner Health Sciences Building on the UCO campus, or may be downloaded from our Application page.

For more information and to set up a meeting regarding your plan of study, please contact the Career Advancement Coordinator, Leann Laubach. 

To have the academic advisor for nursing review your transcript to see what courses you need to take, please contact the Nursing Academic Advisor.  If you have not previously attended UCO and would like to see which of your credits will transfer, email the Transfer office at or call 405 974-2456.

To view additional information, check out the RN to BS brochure or the LPN to BS brochure.

         Academic Degree Requirements

124 total college-level credit hours.

30 hours at UCO exclusive of correspondence and extension credit.

15 of the last 30 hours applying toward the degree must be satisfactorily completed at UCO.

60 semester hours, excluding physical education activity courses, from college that award bachelor's degrees (senior colleges/universities).

40 semester hours, excluding physical education activity courses, of upper division (3000 and 4000) level.

15 semester hours of major courses at the upper division (3000 and 4000) level.

10 semester hours in the major in residence at UCO.

         University Policy Regarding Transferring Hours

A student transferring to UCO with an earned Associate of Arts or Associate of Science from an accredited Oklahoma state institution or a bachelor's degree from an Oklahoma public baccalaureate granting institution is considered to have completed the general education requirements for a UCO bachelor's degree provided the appropriate Regent's minimum requirements have been met. Students may be required to take courses in general education to meet prerequisites for major requirements or to complete major support course requirements.

A minimum of 60 semester hours of course work, excluding physical education activity courses, applied toward a bachelor's degree must be earned at a senior (baccalaureate granting) institution.

For more information, contact the Transfer Student Support Office at 405-974-2456

         Working While Attending the Nursing Program

If you are working full-time, it is very difficult to attend nursing school full-time. For the RN to BS student we have designed full-time, part-time, and career friendly options.  To review these options, click on each of the provided links.  Additional information is available by visiting with the Career Advancement Coordinator or the Academic Advisor for Nursing.