Preparing for the Funeral Service National Board Exam

Plan Ahead:

You can submit your application and payment to sit for the NBE prior to being eligible, or "conditionally certified"*  You will need to do this well in advance of the day you intend to sit for the exam as it will take the Conference some time to process your information, payment and verify your eligibility. You have a year to schedule once you pay.

Application Brochure for the Funeral Service National Board Examination

After completing the requirements for Board Review and/or Practicum and it has been verified that you are within 45 days of completing all other requirements for graduation you can be "conditionally certified" by the UCO Funeral Service Department to sit for your Exam.

Once a student has been notified by the UCO funeral service department that they have been "conditionally certified", the student should contact the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards to register for the National Board Examination.

Registering for the National Board Exam

  For contact information, please visit

Be sure to visit the student section of the website.

The following study materials are recommended and may be supplied to Students for National Board Exam Preparation:
1.  The Practice National Board Exam.
2.  Sample Questions.
3.  Study Guide (very good resource!).