Department of Chemistry Faculty

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Faculty Schedules

Spring 2015 Faculty Schedules


Dr. F. Albahadily - Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Robert Bost - Forensic Toxicologist

Dr. John Bowen - Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Lillian Chooback - Biochemistry

Dr. Jim Dechter - Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Shawna Ellis - Organic Chemistry

Dr. Mike Ferguson - Organic Chemistry

Dr. Cheryl Frech - Chemistry

Mr. Don Gibson - Biochemistry

Dr. Tom Jourdan - Forensic Chemistry

Dr. Mike Jezercak - Physical Chemistry

Dr. Luis Montes - Chair - Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Dave von Minden - Forensic Toxicologist

Dr. Dallas New - Organic Chemistry

Dr. Dana Rundle - Biochemistry

Mr. Lane Whitesell - Chemistry


Carla Supon - Chemistry Administrative Assistant

Ryan Hays - Chemistry Laboratory Administrator