College of Fine Arts and Design

UCO Art Professor to Exhibit Work at IAO Gallery

October 7,  2013

  University of Central Oklahoma Associate Professor of Art David W. Maxwell will exhibit more than a dozen of his large-scale oil paintings in a collection titled “This Moment” opening Oct. 11 at the IAO Gallery, 706 W. Sheridan Ave. in Oklahoma City, with a free and open-to-the-public reception from 6-9 p.m., Oct. 18.          

Maxwell teaches painting at Central and has exhibited his work in galleries and museums in New York City, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Boston, Las Vegas and Oklahoma City.       

Maxwell studied at Charles Cecil Atelier in Florence, Italy, where he examined the observation of the figure, a style and technique passed down from Renaissance artists.  The observation of the figure is prevalent in this exhibit, an accumulation of three years of work inspired by Maxwell’s 40th birthday.          

“During the approach of my 40th birthday, I found myself re-evaluating events and decisions I had made and examining the life those events and decisions had created,” said Maxwell.       

“The paintings serve as a vehicle to further this self-analysis and reflect on the construct of self.”          

In these emotional four-by-four and five-by-five feet paintings, Maxwell explores the world of the known and the unknown, the cold hard realities of life and the “what if’s.”          

“I am inspired by these dramatic moments of questioning and self-doubt, moments of vulnerability or potential confidence and the quiet moments of self-imposed solitude that make us who we are,” explained Maxwell.          

While Maxwell’s solo exhibit will be featured in the main IAO gallery space, the side room of the gallery will exhibit works from Fringe, a women’s artist group co-founded by Central art alumna Christie Hackler.          

Numerous Central art alumni are associates of Fringe.  Of the eight alumni exhibited at the IAO gallery, three were students of Maxwell.          

“I’m very excited and think its very fitting that my work be exhibited simultaneously with my former students’ works,” said Maxwell.          

The Fringe exhibit, titled “SWAG,” explores the practices and rituals that honor and memorialize loved ones in their final resting spot.          

Fringe’s exhibit will be on display until Oct. 30.          

Maxwell’s exhibit will be on display until Nov. 2.          

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