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UCO's Kaleidoscope Dance Company Spring Concert To Feature Creative Collaborations

March 16, 2011dance

The University of Central Oklahoma Kaleidoscope Dance Company will explore unique topics such as cell division and the meditative qualities of labyrinths during its spring concert "Campus Collaborations" at 7:30 p.m., March 24-26 at Mitchell Hall Theater.

The brainchild of Tina Kambour, assistant director of the UCO Dance Department, the concert will feature unique collaborations between Central faculty members who teach such diverse topics as science, graphic design, music and theatre arts.

"Choreographers are inspired by a wide array of sources, including stories, nature, art and architecture, however, they often do not have the opportunity to work with colleagues from the full range of the scholarly spectrum," said Kambour.  

"I like the many layers that can develop in a work of art when there are several collaborators working on a project."  

"Quiddity," a dance about recognizing one's own individuality, is the result of Kambour's collaboration with Central Department of Design Chair Ruki Ravikumar and graduate design student Adam Gault.  Ravikumar said she hopes the audience will see the merging of movement and design as a feast for the eyes.

"Adam and I have designed a continuous visual narrative with animated text and simple illustrations that will be projected on to the screen, serving as a backdrop for the dancers. This project has challenged our creative and technical abilities but we have enjoyed the collaboration of creative minds working towards a common goal," said Ravikumar.

Another dance, "Sex Cells," highlights the scientific process of cell division and DNA formation.  Choreographed by Jill Priest, Central's dance education degree coordinator, the piece features collaborators Brooke Stabler, Central assistant professor of Biology, and Samuel Magrill, Central Professor of Music and Composer-in-Residence, who is providing the original music for the dance.

Other dances feature collaborations with faculty members from the Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies, the Department of Art and the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM@UCO).   

Chris Hicks, director of Academic Operations at ACM@UCO and well-known local guitarist and saxophone player who toured with Reba McEntire's band for five years, will play live for the dance "Hip Hop Time Machine."

"This collaboration project has opened up a space for unexpected relationships to germinate and flourish on our campus.  Participants have drawn inspiration from new sources, thereby laying the groundwork for future innovation," said Kambour.

Tickets to the "Campus Collaborations" Kaleidoscope concert are $14 for adults, $10 for seniors and non-UCO students, and $4 for UCO students.  To reserve tickets, call the Mitchell Hall Box Office at (405) 974-3375.

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