College of Fine Arts and Design

Metalsmith to Discuss Shaping Career at UCO Event

Michigan metalsmith David Huang, who is represented in galleries nationwide, will give a free public lecture at 7:15 p.m., March 25 in Room 115 of the Education Building at the University of Central Oklahoma.

"He makes really beautiful work - very affordable and very unique. It's the kind of work everyone can appreciate," said Charleen Weidell, chair of the UCO Department of Art.

For his UCO talk, Huang will show photos detailing the 20-year progression of his work, from jewelry and furniture to the vessels he creates today.

"They do fascinate me - starting with a flat disc, squishing it around and making a form," Huang said.

However, Huang said his presentation will depend on the audience's interests.

"I like questions. I really love it when the audience is participating and it's not a lecture, but a conversation."

Huang said that when he gives talks across the nation, he explains how he constructs a vessel by "raising" a flat metal sheet, which is usually copper. He then begins hammering or "chasing" the vessel's exterior to create the design.

"Timeless beauty is something I'm striving for," he said.

Huang has been a full-time, self-supporting artist since 2003. As such, he also talks about controlling expenses and other methods that may help part-time artists quit their day jobs. For example, Huang said, he recently built a new energy-efficient studio - with walls partly comprised of worn-out tires and an exterior of field stones - for less than $4,000.

"I often get a lot of questions about it," he said.

Huang also will lead a workshop for UCO jewelry and metalsmith students on March 26 and 27.