College of Fine Arts and Design


New Wave

Historical Performance and Practice is the “new wave” in the professional classical music world.  The knowledge of HPP will enable music students to gain a broader perspective and enhanced professional opportunities.


Applied and academic classes are currently offered and can be taken as music electives for music majors.  Classes include:

  • MUS 4343 Music Research and Method
  • MUS 4483/5483 Collegium Musicum
  • MUS 4910/5725 History of Performance
  • MUS 5133 Baroque Music
  • MUS 5163 Classical Era Music
  • MUS 5312 Introduction of Music Research
  • MUS 5733 History of Theory
  • MUS 5773 History of Instruments
  • MUS 5910 Translation Skill of Music
  • MUS 5930 Individual Study in Music
  • MPER 5052 Applied Historical Instruments
  • MPER 4000 Applied Baroque Bass
  • MPER 4000 Applied Baroque Flute
  • MPER 4000 Applied Baroque Recorder
  • MPER 4000 Applied Baroque Viola
  • MPER 4000 Applied Baroque Violin
  • MPER 4000 Applied Baroque Cello

A minor in HPP is currently under development