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Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Psi Omega
Since its 1997 reactivation by UCO student Allen Brawner, Alpha Psi Omega has been a student run organization.  The main purpose of APO is to offer a support system to the students that work on the stage in Mitchell Hall Theatre.  APO seeks to provide an outlet for students to creatively express themselves individually, collaboratively, and as an organization.  This includes anyone that works in either Dance, Opera, Music Theatre or Theatre are welcome and encouraged to attend any of the Alpha Psi functions and to become members.

National APO Office

Main APO Sponsored Events

Alpha Psi sponsors the Fall Mixer that occurs on the first Tuesday of classes.  This is usually a themed gathering with prizes going to the best costume.  There are other ‘get to know you’ games that are played. It’s an opportunity for the new students, both freshmen and transfer students to meet and mingle with the returning students and to become acquainted with others in the Departments.

At the End of the School year, Alpha Psi sponsors the Brawnies End of Year Award Ceremony.  This event offers an opportunity for the students to dress up in their very best and attend a catered dinner before the awards ceremonies.  Only members of Alpha Psi Omega are allowed to vote for their favorites of the year, but anyone is allowed to perform in the evenings ceremony or be nominated for an award.

Other Events That APO Sponsors

Alpha Psi also sponsors Movie Night.  For this first time event in 2007, the audience participated with the viewing of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.  We hope to continue Movie Night in the upcoming years.  APO members can vote of which movie will be selected!

  • Bowling Night: a nice evening out of the theatre for a change! Students members of APO get a discount for a night of group bowling
  • Dinner and a Show: APO sponsors a discounted dinner in Edmond with a show to follow usually in Oklahoma City; we’ve gone to a few Carpenter Square shows and hope to venture out to other theatre companies in the area
  • APO Variety Show: another first time event, the APO Variety show offers opportunities for directors and performers to spread their wings and work in different genres and styles and get a little more experience on stage

Financial Assistance Towards Theatre Opportunities
Alpha Psi Omega is more than happy to offer financial assistance to student members that need a little extra support for theatrical related  events that range from attending auditions, attending productions, or studying abroad.  The assistance isn’t much and has ranged from $10 to $100 depending on the need and the availability of funds.

Student Produced Work
Alpha Psi, with the assistance of the University of Central Oklahoma’s Student Advisory Board, has been able to assist students that would like to mount their own productions.  This is a great opportunity for students to branch out, get some extra experience and make art by producing a work on their own, with a bit of a budget too.

Where Does APO Get Their Funding?
The major source of funding for APO is from their concession sales during productions. This is operated and organized solely by the students in the Departments.  In order to continue funding these events, we need to students to run the concessions in the Lobby of Mitchell Hall and Pegasus Theater during all of the productions.

Officers Of Alpha Psi Omega
If you would like to become an officer, make sure you have the time available to work on this organization.  Talk to the current Officers and/or Faculty Advisor and ask them what the job entails and submit your name.  New officers are appointed to these roles at the end of every year.
Faculty Advisor
Associate Professor, Angela Marks.
How Do I Become A Member Of Alpha Psi Omega?
Becoming a member of APO is really very simple.  There is a one time only, $30 national dues fee that goes to the Alpha Psi Omega national office.
In addition to that, there is a point system that must be met and maintained every school year.  This point system is based on the activities that a student completes per year.  Points can be earned for participating in theatrical activities, (running concessions, being cast, crewing or designing a show, assisting in University events, etc.  Or volunteer activities outside the department, Edmond Recycling, Cleaning up Lake Arcadia, helping out at Bradford Village Retirement Center, etc.)  5 points are needed to meet and maintain an active status with Alpha Psi Omega.

Benefits Of Being A Member Of APO

  • Discounts on APO sponsored events
  • Discounts on Concessions
  • Having a vote on the end of year Brawnies
  • Financial assistance for theatrical events
  • Added item to include on a resume

If you have any further questions about the national organization of Alpha Psi Omega, please check out their website at: 

If you have questions about the University of Central Oklahoma’s Chapter, please contact Angela Marks at