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The School of Music offers an array of technological support to help students learn, practice, compose and record great music.  In addition to the facilities and services detailed below, the School of Music also features SMART Board interactive whiteboard technology in several classrooms for a more dynamic learning environment.

School of Music MIDI Lab:

The School of Music MIDI Lab is located in room 112 and is typically open at least 20 hours a week (for specific hours of operation a schedule is posted weekly outside the MIDI Lab). The MIDI Lab features 12 Apple iMac computer workstations running Macintosh OS X Snow Leopard; all with access to high-speed internet through web browsers Safari and Firefox and a link to the UCO account of the online NAXOS Music Library. Each workstation includes Microsoft Office 2011 software as well as Adobe Acrobat Pro 10.  Each station also includes specialized software for music such as music notation editor Finale 2011, audio recording and MIDI sequencing software Pro Tools 10 and Digital Performer 7, marching drill software Pyware 3D and ear training program Auralia.  LaserJet printing capability is available from each workstation as well at no charge.

Every computer workstation in the School of Music MIDI Lab is also equipped with either M-Audio 66 or 49 key MIDI controllers and Sony headphones.  There are also 2 Yamaha Clavinova series fully weighted 88-key digital pianos with Sony headphones available for students to practice on or utilize for MIDI sequencing anytime during open lab hours.  ucomidilab

Wenger V-Rooms:

Three of the practice rooms in the Music Building are Wenger sound isolation V-Rooms outfitted with Virtual Acoustic Environment technology.  Students can utilize these specialized practice rooms to record themselves playing and download the resulting digital files for homework assignments or to assemble audition material.  Students can bring their own laptop computer to perform this download or use one available for checkout from the MIDI Lab anytime during open lab hours.


Student Recording Studios:

Students who are currently enrolled in Music Technology will have access to a small project studio located in the Music Building where they can make more advanced multi-track recordings. While active Music Technology students have prerogative access to this studio, students who have previously completed the Music Technology course will be allowed to utilize the this space anytime it is not already reserved. A key to the studio can be checked-out by these students in the MIDI Lab anytime during open lab hours.

Graduate students in the Master of Music in Jazz Studies degree path will have access to the UCO Jazz Lab recording facilities for completion of more advanced recording curriculum. These include one large project recording studio and three small project studios. For more information on these facilities or the Master of Music in Jazz Studies degree program, visit the UCO Jazz Lab website.


Max Chambers Library – Multimedia Center

Students in the School of Music who are interested in music production technology are also welcome to make use of the Multimedia Center on the 4th floor of the Max Chambers Library. Two iMac workstations are available there that feature MIDI controllers and music production software Finale, Sibelius, Pro Tools, Digital Performer and Pyware 3D. A Yamaha Clavinova series digital piano is also available for students there. The Multimedia Center is open extended hours, generally longer into the evening than the Music Building facilities. For more information, call the Multimedia Center at 405-974-5161 or visit their website.

Audio Recording & Production Services:

Most School of Music performances, including degree recitals, are audio recorded digitally by staff and archived on compact disc in the Archives & Special Collections department of the Max Chambers Library.  These recordings are available to students for on premise listening.

Students who are performing junior, senior or graduate recitals as part of their requirements for degree completion are provided a compact disc copy of the event recording free-of-charge. These students must submit an Audio & Production Services Request Form as part of their recital coordination. For access to this form and other information related to curricular recitals, see the Current Students resource webpage.

For any other questions regarding the School of Music Audio Recording & Production Services, consult the Procedural Guidelines or contact:

Audio Recording & Production Services Director Bryan Mitschell

(405) 974-5644