College of Fine Arts and Design

Study Abroad

The College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD) is pleased to bring the first recipient of the Global Arts Scholarship, eighteen year old Bozica Delic, to the UCO campus in August.  Each year, CFAD will identify and award a one-year Global Arts Scholarship to a deserving international arts student.  The $10,000 scholarship provides the student with tuition and living expenses as well as the opportunity to study and perform in the United States.
The scholarship also serves to advance one of UCO’s long-term academic goals of supporting learning collaborations in global communities.  At the end of the recipient’s one year residency, donors to the Global Arts Scholarship fund will have the opportunity to travel to the student’s home country to watch a performance showcasing the skills the student has developed during their time at UCO.

Go beyond books and expand your horizons with the College of Fine Arts and Design's Arts Abroad program. Perhaps you will have a chance to perform in the same concert halls as the some of world's greatest composers, or you could examine the art of the Renaissance first-hand. Maybe you will see one of Shakespeare's plays performed in the Globe Theatre, or you might head to New York City to check out the latest in design. 

The College considers studying abroad to be a vital part of your education. Much of the material studied in the classroom comes alive during these experiences, and students gain new perspectives which will benefit them for years to come. Each school and department within the College offers study tours as a part of the Arts Abroad program. You have the opportunity to earn college credit as well. 

For more information about upcoming study tours, contact the school's director at: