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The Mission of the School of Music is teaching and performing.

The University of Central Oklahoma's School of Music is recognized nationwide as one of Oklahoma's foremost institutions for preparing professional musicians in all fields due to the following:

  • High academic and performance standards

  • Gifted faculty of conductors, studio teachers, composers, historians, theorists, music educators, scholars and administrators

  • Accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Music

  • Variety of instrumental ensembles, choral groups, opera groups and musical theatre troupes that travel nationally and internationally

  • Opportunities to provide music for professional venues, schools, conventions and on the UCO campus

  • Alumni are staffed nationwide in public schools and universities as well as performing with recognized musical theater companies, opera companies, service bands, orchestras, leading jazz ensembles and recording studios throughout the country

The School of Music maintains a high level of commitment to its students, alumni and musical community; it is dedicated to assisting them in meeting the challenges of an ever-broadening and diversifying musical world.

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Spring 2014 Streaming Events Listing

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School of Music Safety Statement

The School of Music recognizes the importance of safety for all students and faculty.  In addition to the standard, and frequent, safety training offered by the University for all students and faculty, the School of Music wishes to make all musicians cognizant of the potential dangers of their aural environment.  Musicians should always be aware of the sound level around them, both in performance/rehearsal settings as well as in all general daily activities. Every member of the School of Music faculty will explain to students at the beginning of each semester the possible consequences of loud sound environments, how to determine dangerous situations and possible solutions.