College of Fine Arts and Design

School of Music Faculty & Staff

The University of Central Oklahoma's School of Music faculty is made up of educators, performers, and scholars. We invite you to get to know us below.

Dr. Brian Lamb, Director of School of Music/Director of Bands
Dr. Robert Glaubitz, Assistant Director and Associate Professor of Voice
Dr. Sandra Thompson, Undergraduate Coordinator
Dr. Samuel Magrill, Graduate Coordinator

Division of Winds, Brass & Percussion Faculty
Dr. Emily Butterfield, Head of Winds and Percussion Division/Associate Professor of Flute
Dr. Brian Lamb, Director of Bands
David Hanan, Associate Director of Bands
Kadee Bramlett, Instructor of Oboe
Dr. Dawn Marie Lindblade, Assistant Professor of Clarinet
Jenny Rucker, Adjunct Instructor of Clarinet
Dr. Lori Wooden, Associate Director of Orchestras & Professor of Bassoon
Brian Gorrell, Instructor of Saxophone, Jazz Studies Division Head & Jazz Ensemble I
Martin King, Adjunct Instructor of Saxophone
Dr. Ryan Sharp, Assistant Professor of Trumpet, Director of Jazz Ensemble III
Dr. James Klages, Professor of Trumpet & Online Music Appreciation
Lee Rucker, Emeritus Professor, Adjunct Instructor of Jazz Improvisation
Dr. Peggy Moran, Assistant Professor of Horn
Jeff Kidwell, Instructor of Trombone and Jazz Ensemble II
Paul Nesper, Adjunct Instructor of Tuba/Euphonum
David Hardman, Instructor of Percussion, Latin Jazz Ensemble, and Percussion Consort
Nicholas Steward, Adjunct Instructor of Percussion  

Division of Vocal Arts Faculty
Dr. Kevin Eckard, Head of Vocal Division & Director of Opera
Dr. Barbara DeMaio Caprilli, Assistant Professor of Voice
Dr. Darla Eshelman, Associate Professor and Vocal Music Education Coordinator
Dr. Robert Glaubitz, Assistant Director and Associate Professor of Voice
Dr. Marilyn Govich, Professor of Voice
Mateja Govich, Adjunct Instructor of Voice
Pamela Green, Emeritus Professor of Voice 
Dr. Karl Nelson, Associate Professor & Director of Choral Studies
Dr. Barbara Streets, Professor of Voice
Dr. Mark Johnson, Adjunct Instructor of Voice
Dr. Molly Cason Johnson, Adjunct Instructor of Voice

Division of Strings/Orchestras Faculty
Dr. Hong Zhu, Head, Professor of Violin, Chamber Orchestra Director
Dr. Ralph Morris, Director of the Symphony Orchestra, Professor of Viola
Lu Deng, Adjunct Instructor of Violin
Theodora Morris, Adjunct Instructor of Violin
Dr. Tess Remy-Schumacher, Professor of Cello, Baroque Cello, Coordinator of Center for Historical Performance Practice
Dr. Michael Geib, Assistant Professor of String Bass
Scott Johnson, Adjunct Instructor of Classical Guitar

Division of Jazz Studies Faculty
Brian Gorrell, Head of Jazz Division, Jazz Ensemble I & Instructor of Saxophone
Jeff Kidwell, Jazz Ensemble II & Instructor of Trombone
Lee Rucker, Adjunct Instructor of Jazz Improvisation, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Ryan Sharp, Assistant Professor of Trumpet & Jazz Ensemble III
Dr. Michael Geib, Assistant Professor of Jazz Bass & Jazz and Commercial Arranging, Jazz Ensemble IV
David Hardman, Instructor of Percussion & Latin Jazz Ensemble
Danny Vaughan, Adjunct Instructor of Jazz Guitar
Clint Rohr, Jazz Lab Director
Dennis Borycki, Adjunct Instructor of Piano and Jazz Improvisation
Zac Lee, Adjunct Instructor of Technology and Jazz Arranging

Division of Piano/Keyboard Studies Faculty
Dr. Sallie Pollack, Piano Division Head and Assistant Professor of Collaborative Piano
Dr. Chindarat Charoenwongse-Shaw, Professor of Piano
Dr. David Forbat, Professor of Piano
Dr. Valery Kuleshov, Piano, Artist-in-Residence
Jennifer Mansour, Adjunct Instructor of Class Piano
Dr. Linda Owen, Adjunct Instructor of Piano
Natalie Syring, Adjunct Instructor of Piano & Aural Skills

Division of Musical Theatre
Dr. Greg White, Professor & Director of Musical Theatre
Steven Smeltzer, Instructor of Musical Theatre
Shannon Hurleigh, Instructor of Musical Theatre  

Division of Classroom Studies
Dr. Sandra Thompson, Professor & Undergraduate Advisor
Dr. Samuel Magrill, Professor & Graduate Coordinator, Composer-in-Residence & Theory
Earl Hefley, Instructor of Music Appreciation
Dr. Sion "Ted" Honea, Professor of Music History
Dr. James Klages, Online Music Appreciation, Professor of Trumpet
Pamela Richman, Adjunct Instructor of Basic Music Skills, Music Appreciation, & Success in Music
Natalie Syring, Adjunct Instrutor of Aural Skills
Dr. Darla Eshelman, Professor & Vocal Music Education Coordinator
Jeff Kidwell, Coordinator of Instrumental Music Education
Kerry Folsom, Adjunct Instructor of Music History
Dr. L. Keith White, Professor of Composition
Andrew Brooks, Adjunct Instructor of Instrumental Music Education
Steve Fraser, Adjunct Instructor of Instrumental Education
Martin King, Adjunct Instructor of Instrumental Education
Zac Lee, Adjunct Instructor of Music Technology
Peter Pollack, Adjunct Instructor History of Rock

Professional Staff
Ben Davis, Piano Technician
Eric Grigg, Staff Accompanist
Jana Nickel, Administrative Assistant II
Sharon Kelting, Administrative Assistant III
Bryan Mitschell, Recording Engineer
Megan Clewell, Staff Accompanist
Shalon Lester, Adjunct Instructor of Piano
Mariann Searle, Staff Accompanist