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Current Students

The information here is for current students of the School of Music.

School of Music Safety Statement

The School of Music recognizes the importance of safety for all students and faculty.  In addition to the standard, and frequent, safety training offered by the University for all students and faculty, the School of Music wishes to make all musicians cognizant of the potential dangers of their aural environment.  Musicians should always be aware of the sound level around them, both in performance/rehearsal settings as well as in all general daily activities. Every member of the School of Music faculty will explain to students at the beginning of each semester the possible consequences of loud sound environments, how to determine dangerous situations and possible solutions. 

Undergraduate Student Handbook

Please follow the link below to download the latest Undergraduate Student Handbook. Here you will find useful information about the School of Music including: recitals, locker checkout, instrument checkout and faculty advisors.

2014-2015 Undergraduate Music Student Handbook

Thursday Recital Information

Schedule for Fall 2015 Weekly Student Recitals (Thursdays at 2:00)
Recital Reservation Request Form

Please turn completed Area Recital Forms to the following professors.

Strings: Dr. Ralph Morris, Piano: Dr. David Forbat, Voice: Dr. Rob Glaubitz, Winds & Percussion: Dr. Ryan Sharp

Please turn completed General and/or Honors Recital forms into the music office.

Advisement Information & Forms
List of School of Music Advisors

Vocal Performance Suggested Schedule
Vocal Performance Degree Check
Piano Performance Suggested Schedule
Piano Performance Degree Check
Musical Theatre Suggested Schedule
Musical Theatre Degree Check Sheet
Instrumental Performance Suggested Schedule
Instrumental Performance Degree Check
Music Education Vocal Suggested Schedule
Music Education Vocal Degree Check
Music Education Instrumental Suggested Schedule
Music Education Instrumental Degree Check

Student Recital Packet (Junior & Senior)

Recital Guidelines, Procedures and Timeline
Pianists' Fee Schedule for Collaborating
Collaborative Pianists List
Recital Recording Request
Recital Program Request
Forms A, B, & C