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Auditions for the School of Music

The School of Music at the University of Central Oklahoma invites you to audition for admission. Information about requirements are available below. 

Undergraduate School of Music Application Procedures and Audition Requirements

Graduate Audition Requirements



Our two Spring audition days have now passed. If you still wish to audition, please fill out an application and you will be contacted by a representative from that area.



Application for the School of Music

Be advised that this application is for the School of Music. Your application for the University is separate and REQUIRED.

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If you wish to apply to be a double major in two MUSIC fields (i.e. both vocal and instrumental)--please fill out TWO separate applications. You will be performing two auditions that day.

If after submitting an application you would like to update information (including ACT scores, scholarships, etc), please fill out a new application.