College of Fine Arts and Design

Watson Design Office

The James W. & Lorraine R. Watson Department of Design Office   

A generous donation from James W. and Lorraine R. Watson made possible a new office for the Department of Design in October 2002. 

A vibrant, innovative space unlike any other on campus, the new office showcases the angled columns in the hall as a unique architectural feature, solves the problem of no windows by incorporating bright lights and colors and serves as an example of good design in that it is appropriate for the user, shows attention to detail and uses unique materials. What is perhaps most evident about the office is its use of "fun" elements. Toys and puzzles are utilized to remind all of us of childlike awe, wonder and curiosity (senses often lost as adults but very necessary as designers). In the print center, connected to the office, hangs a 50s' era bicycle which represents childhood freedom and independence - remember, it was the bicycle that allowed us to leave home on our own! Think back to that feeling of power and joy.

Additionally, the entry area is set a 30 degree angle to the grid of the Art & Design building; a literal example of 'breaking out of the box.' To welcome visitors, the entryway is double door width and the doors swing into niches in the walls and practically disappear as they become walls. The walls and doors are covered in white oak veneer to provide organic warmth. Even the faculty mailboxes are unique. Each faculty member filled or decorated a four inch cube to serve as the mailbox label. This one-of-a-kind space was constructed by Warden Construction of Oklahoma City. Come see it for yourself, you'll be glad you did.