College of Fine Arts and Design

Student Awards

The Department of Design students won 97 total awards in the Academic year 2010–2011. Listed below are the award winners.

BlueRidge Flux 2010 Competition
Adam LeNaire
Paper Jam Poster

Bobby Tang
Paper Jam Poster

Diana Jeon
InkTank Factory

Bobby Tang
Kelly Plaza Poster

PAVE (Planning and Visual Education Partnership) Godiva Chocolatier Visual Merchandising Competition:
Guanqun Wang,
Honorable Mention (award of $500.00)

IDA International Design Awards Competition:
Guanqun Wang and Xiaoqian Dong
Best emerging Interior Designers

Graduate Scholar Award (International Journal of Design Principles and Practices):
Melissa Santana
Presented in Rome, Italy

National ADDY Awards:
Brock Wynn,
Gold, The Man Magazine

Alexa Dumas
Silver, The PaperJam Poster

Lanie Gabbard,
Silver, Veiled Magazine

Masako Tono,
Silver, Flying Penguin Series (Illustration)

District Level ADDY Awards (District 10)
Gold ADDY’s:
Sarah Bina, Frosting and Fables Cupcakes
Zack walker, Droid X, Newspaper Ad

Silver ADDY’s:
Masako Tono, Flying Penguin Series
Masako Tono, Hot Christmas
Brandon Land, Paper Jam Poster
Wayne Dallas, The Music of Andrew Lloyd
Felicia Jones, A Musical Journey
Alexa Dumas, Paper Jam Poster
Kyle Darling, Ivalyo Milvec, Liz Vass, Taste of Oklahoma City
Brock Wynn, The Man Magazine
Adam Gault, Look Closer
Lanie Gabbard, Veiled Magazine
Lanie Gabbard, Illustrating with Type

Bronze ADDY’s:
Adam Gault, University of Central Oklahoma Brand
Sarah Bina, Freak Show Brew
Rob Schmidt, Can you see?
Jamie Schnetzler, Black Death Brew
Alexa Dumas, Dr. Digestivo’s
Stephen Treadwell, Misbegotten Son
City Arts Center : Cafe Go
Bridget Weingardt, In A Big City
Wayne Dallas, Oklahoma Folklife Logo
Brandon Land, Spaced Out, Comic Book
Aide Gonzales, In The Woods Ridgebacks
Masako Tono, Sincense
Kael Little,Music to Illustrate to—Western

Oklahoma ADDY Awards (40 total award)*
* UCO won the BRAGGY Award for the most student awards won by a university.

Best of Show Student:
Brandon Land, PaperJam Poster

Special Judges Choice Award:
Alexa Dumas, PaperJam Poster

Special Judges Choice Award:
Sarah Bina, Freak Show Brew

Gold Addy’s:
Jamie Schnetlzer, Black Death Brew
Sarah Bina, Frosting and Fables Cupcakes
Sarah Bina, Freak Show Brew
Raymond Griffith, Wait Until Dark poster
Adam Gault, Look Closer poster series
Alexa Dumas, PaperJam Poster
Brandon Land, PaperJam Poster
Adam Gault, Department of Design Identity ( with Yoko Collins, Adam LeNaire, Dan Paulus, and Brendan Maxwell
Adam Gault, Department of Design Website ( with Yoko Collins, Adam LeNaire, Dan Paulus, and Brendan Maxwell
Rob Schmidt, Can You See?
Ivaylo Milanov, Kyle Darling, Lix Vass, Taste of Oklahoma Logo
Masako Tono, Flying Penguin series
Masako Tono, Hot Christmas
Masako Tono, Sincense
Kael Little, Music to Illustrate To: Western

Silver Addy’s:
Alexa Dumas, Dr. Digestivo’s packaging
Lanie Gabbard, Illustrating with Type book
Lanie Gabbard, Veiled magazine
Brock Wynn, The Man Magazine
David Hinds, Derek Villar, Amy Hubbard, City Arts: Cafe Go!
Wayne Dallas, The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber
Wayne Dallas, Oklahoma Folklife logo
Aide Gonzales, In the Woods Ridgebacks
Bridget Weingart: In A Big City, series
Brandon Land, Spaced Out comic book
Stephen Treadwell, Misbegotten Son
Felicia Jones, a Musical Journey
Zack walker, Meet the Droid X
Samantha Kickingbird, Terror in the library

Bronze Addy’s:
Omar Sosa, Java Bani packaging
Alicia Hugo, Forest Delights packaging
Brendan Maxwell, Kristin Tate, Kael Little, City Arts Cafe Neon
Sarah Bina, Oklahoma Unexpected
Chelsea Stewart, Type Crimes
Kate Stearman, Recipes of Oklahoma
Alexa Dumas, Christmas in the City
Brendan Maxwell, Mr. Marmalade
Aide Gonzales, Inspiring Change
Brandon Land, Guthrie Inns logo
Aide Gonzales, Loveless Textiles logo
Kael Little, CFAD Coloring book

Brass Ring Awards:
Brandon Land
Gold, The PaperJam poster

Alicia Hugo
Merit Award, Laughing Rabbit Logo
Bronze, Forest Delights Packaging
Bronze, Old Chap Beer Packaging
Bronze, Progressive Dinner Invitation

Aide Gonzales,
Silver, 7/11 Coffee Advertising Campaign
Merit Award, Colgate Total Ad
Merit Award, The Incredible Tape Ad
Merit Award,This Little Piggy Ad

Kyle Darling,
Silver, Hobo Cocoa Packaging
Silver, Combust: Steampunk Quarterly maganize

Omar Sosa,
Bronze, Java Bani Packaging
Merit Award, GU Energy Ad

Chelsea Stewart,
Bronze, Bird Seed Packaging
Merit Award, A Long Way to the Water Photograph

Kristin Tate,
Merit Award, Little Women Poster

Zack Walker,
Merit Award, Droid X Ad

Jency Johnson,
Merit Award, Beyond Reach Illustration

Tara White,
Merit Award, Grandison Inn at Manney Park

Kristin Pallett,
Silver, Master Bedroom Colorboard (Residential under 1200 sqft)
Merit Award, Oklahoma Inspired Reception Room Rendering
Merit Award, Grandison Inn at Manney Park Rendering

Graphex Awards:

Zack Walker
Best Advertisement in the Student Category

Chelsea Stewart
Best Package Design in the Student Category

Under Consideration Brand New Competition:
Alicia Hugo
Laughing Rabbit Logo

Brandon Land
Guthrie Inns Logo

Aide Gonzales
In the Woods Ridgebacks Logo