Urban Teacher Preparation Academy

The Urban Teacher Preparation Academy is a one-of-a-kind, urban-needs focused teacher preparation program for candidates driven to make a difference in the urban teaching environment.  UTPA trains teacher candidates from University of Central Oklahoma and the University of Oklahoma; a consortium that partners with Oklahoma City Public Schools to provide unique learning experiences and personal growth opportunities for pre-service and new teachers.

Urban Teacher Preparation Academy:


Applications are available every August for those who are ready to student teach in the following fall Please call (405) 974-5144 or email Karyn Hutchens at khutchens@uco.edu if you have additional questions.

Three central guiding concepts of the UCO Urban Teacher Preparation Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

UTPA Cohort #4

DeJuan Naff (UCO), Barbara Gonzales (UCO), Karen Brown (UCO), Elizabeth Wilkins (OU), Kira Roth (OU), Heather Berry (UCO), Teneisha Baker (UCO), Daniel Saunders (UCO), Brooke Lee (OU), Teresa Anderson (UCO), Alonna Price (UCO), and Megan Teer (UCO)

UTPA Cohort #3

Dr. James Machell(CEPS Dean), Jasmine Smith, Jennifer Reinhardt, Nikki Waller, Brandy Ledesma, Billy Jack Elles, Kimberly Hunt, Jacqueline Foster, Karl Springer(Superintendent, Oklahoma City Public Schools), Lindsay Pfaff, Nicole Foust, Heather Perry, Tiffany Leach and Jennifer Lopez

UTPA Cohort #2

Robyn Hilger-Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools, Genise Morgan, Corbie Jackson, Samaya Brown, Shannon Larsen, Vivian Le, Candise Chastka, Dina Torres, Cendy Hansen, Courtney Swain, Kelsee Dyess, Adrian Rosado, and Kristen Richardson

UTPA Cohort #1


Stephanie Cammack, Jessica Martinez, Sherri Drwenski, Stacey Garcia, JaRod Richardson, Rebecka Binion, Sharyce Williasm and Natalie York

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