College of Education and Professional Studies


All candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Education, Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Fine Arts Education, and Bachelor of Science in Education degrees must meet the requirements listed below to complete the program, graduate, and be recommended for Oklahoma teacher certification.

Requirements (The candidate must):

  • Successfully complete all courses in the specific degree
  • Earn a “C” or better in all major and professional teacher education courses completed at UCO or transferring colleges and universities
  • Earn an overall grade point average of 2.75 or higher
  • Complete foreign language requirements
  • Pass the Oklahoma Professional Teaching Exam (OPTE) with at least the minimum passing score of 240 out of 300*

*Teacher candidates may graduate prior to passing the OPTE, but they are not recommended for an Oklahoma teaching certificate until the OPTE has been passed. 

 Program Completers Data Chart

*Passing score is 240; total score is 300