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Admission into Student Teaching

Candidates planning to student teach must complete all steps in order for the application to be considered.

Application Steps:

If you do not submit your student teaching application to EDU 207 by the due date, you may jeopardize your opportunity to student teach in the semester you have planned.

Quick Links to Student Teacher Documents

Teacher Work Sample

Required Forms


These are forms you will complete at the end of the semester about your mentor teacher and your university supervisor. These are viewing only, but must be completed in Passport.

Helpful Resources

Teacher Leader Effectiveness (TLE)

The following models are adopted by Oklahoma. When you enter a school, find out which one they are following.

Comparing the Evaluation Models-Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation

Pass-Port Help (e-port folio)

Information Regarding How You are Evaluated

These are forms that your mentor teacher(s) and university supervisor will be completing.

Some majors have additional evaluations that are required

Other Evaluation (For information only)

Forms for Certification

Mentor Teacher Resources

Make Up Time Log Sheet

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