College of Education and Professional Studies


Thank you for your interest in scholarships through the College of Education and Professional Studies.  Our application period will start January 5, 2015 – February 13, 2015. Scholarships will be awarded in Spring 2015 for disbursement to our students in Fall 2015/Spring 2016.

Students will now be applying for scholarships through a new online scholarship system! Students will need to log-in using their UCONNECT credentials and create a profile by following these steps:

  • Obtain an official copy of your UCO transcript from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or from the kiosk located outside of their office in the NUC. Scan your transcript and save as a .pdf on your computer.
  • Visit and log-in with your UCONNECT credentials
  • Enter all required information and upload your electronic transcript (your .pdf document)
  • Click CREATE at the bottom of the page. Please note: You will NOT be able to save and return to your information, so make sure that you have all questions answered and appropriate documents to upload at the time of creation.
  • Once you have completed your profile, you will be able to apply for all scholarships that you are eligible for!

It is very important that students take their time and make sure that they are providing all necessary attachments when using this system. Scholarships to be offered for the upcoming academic year are listed below by department. Click here to create your profile and apply

Should you have questions, please contact:
Michelle Moseley, M.Ed
Development Manager, College of Education and Professional Studies
UCO Foundation & Development Office

Scholarships FAQ

Scholarships with descriptions

Frequently Asked Questions

International Study Tour Scholarship 2015/16

Donna Nigh Department of Advanced Professional & Special Services Scholarships for 2015/16

  • Eley Fister Schaul Endowed Scholarship in Library Media Specialist
  • Amy Wagner Memorial Scholarship for Reading Specialists
  • Tom & Mary Kate Aldridge Special Education Scholarship
  • Karen McGrath Scholarship for Special Education
  • Jacob Crabbe Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Educational Leadership Scholarship
  • Oliver Hodge Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Gladys Dronberger Counseling Endowed Scholarship
  • Nigh Scholarship for Special Education Majors

Department of Adult Education and Safety Sciences Scholarships for 2015/16

  • Jessie M. Nelson Scholarship
  • Organizational Leadership Major Scholarship
  • Dr. Gayle A. Kearns Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Jimmie Thrash Memorial Scholarship
  • Harvey Mankins Industrial Safety Student of Courage Scholarship
  • Carl Breazeale Endowed Scholarship in Industrial Safety
  • Steve Allen Endowed Scholarship

Department of Curriculum and Instruction Scholarships for 2015/16

  • Alice Adele Way Elementary Education Scholarship
  • Dr. Mari Scott Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Tracy Memorial Trust Scholarship
  • The Allen Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Maxine Prather Endowed Scholarship for Elementary Education

Department of Educational Sciences, Foundations & Research Scholarships for 2015/16

  • Margaret Branscum Scholarship for Teachers (formerly Alpha Chi Chapter of DKG)
  • Guthrie Scottish Rite Charitable & Educational Foundation Scholarship
  • Dr. Charles H. & Larissa McBurney Endowed Scholarship
  • Teacher Education Scholarship
  • Dr. Janet Jordan White Graduate Research Assistant Scholarship
  • The McCollam / Howard Family Endowed Scholarship

Department of Human Environmental Sciences Scholarships for 2015/16

  • Sue McCauley Scholarship
  • FLE Faculty/Alumni Scholarship
  • Cora Morton Loafman Scholarship for Human Environmental Sciences

Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies  Scholarships for 2015/16

  • Emma W. Plunkett Physical Education Graduate Fellowship
  • Emma Plunkett Scholarship
  • Virginia Peters Physical Education Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Emma Plunkett Physical Education Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Homer Coker Scholarship
  • Dr. Joan E. Bottger Endowed Scholarship for Kinesiology
  • Muriel A. Herbrand Scholarship
  • Ryanne Hauschild Scholarship for Kinesiology
  • Jeff McKibbin Endowed Scholarship for Athletic Training

Department of Psychology Scholarships for 2015/16

  • Dr. Fred’s (William A. Frederickson) Mentorship Endowed Scholarship
  • Lois V. and Dr. Philip Ball Endowed Scholarship in Psychology
  • Dr. Mike Knight Endowed Scholarship in Psychology

Graduate Studies Program Scholarships for 2015/16

  • Tommy C. Beavers Endowed Graduate Studies Scholarship in Education
  • Enid L. Jackson Endowed Graduate Scholarship
  • Emma Weaver Rodkey Endowed Graduate Studies Scholarship

College-Wide Scholarships for 2015/16

  • John & Maxine Kessler Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Alvin Alcorn Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Betty B. Wetterstrom Endowed Scholarship