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The job prospects for graduates of our programs remain strong. A recent survey by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) indicates that the national demand over the coming year and beyond for occupational safety and health services will significantly surpass the number of men and women with the necessary training, education and experience. Although employers plan to hire at least 25,000 occupational safety and health professionals over the next five years, only about 12,000 new graduates are expected to be available from the academic programs that provide the national pool of expertise.

Grants and Development

Grant Council Members

Grant Council Members


Searching for Grant Opportunities – Did you know you can easily search the COS-Pivot database for grant opportunities throughout the world?  Did you know it’s free to register and that your name as a faculty member might already be in there waiting for you to update?  Check out the COS-Pivot database and register to see if you find anything that might interest you.  You can also update your profile, and the program will “match” possible grant opportunities!

What does your Grant Facilitator Do?  That’s a good question – I’m here to help you find grant opportunities, assist with ideas, grant writing training, editing, research, preparing budgets and budget justifications, submission of grants, and, basically, just to help you be more successful (and much more)!  If you’re interested in a topic, or just want to talk, come by and see me in EDU225, or send me an email at  We can share ideas!