College of Education and Professional Studies

2014 Inez Miller Conference on Communication Sciences and Disorders
University of Central Oklahoma  - Nigh University Center
Saturday, April 5th, 2014

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 Please mark your calendars to join us for Dr. Audrey L. Holland presentation

 "Current Issues & Emerging Procedures
in Treating Aphasia”

Audrey L. Holland, the 2013 ASHA Frank R. Kleffner Lifetime Clinical Career Award Recipient, is a pioneer in clinical service to individuals with neurologic disorders, Holland is honored for innovations in practice, teaching and research that transformed intervention for children and adults. She led new treatment approaches, from early work on melodic intonation therapy with nonfluent aphasia, to integration of counseling, to use of avatars and digital apps. A core member of the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia movement, she helped alter the framework for intervention after stroke and developed the Communication Activities of Daily Living assessment, which changed patient evaluation approaches. Holland was an early champion for treatment efficacy and spearheaded the AphasiaBank, a widely used research database and clinical resource. These achievements and more, combined with her sustained mentoring, administration, service and advocacy throughout the world, reflect her holistic dedication to patient welfare. (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association website - Dr. Holland is a Regents' Professor Emerita of Speech and Hearing Sciences for the University of Azizona in Tuson.

Dr. Holland is well-known for her presentations on neurological disorders. This is one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities to learn from someone who is widely recognized as a “clinician’s clinician” in assessing and treating aphasia. Everyone – regardless of your work setting – will benefit from her experience and expertise!