College of Education and Professional Studies

Ms. Nicole Mercer


Phone: (405) 974-5961

Office: LIB 124

Box: 193

General Information

Mrs. Nicole Mercer is a Clinical Supervisor for the University of Central Oklahoma Scott F. McLaughlin Speech and Hearing Clinic.  Due to her experience and proficiency in working with children with hearing loss, she was hired to serve as the supervisor for the Oklahoma School for the Deaf Edmond Regional Preschool.  Nicole is also the instructor for the Beginning Signing Exact English class and the Intermediate Singing Exact English class at the University of Central Oklahoma.   

Nicole completed her undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Central Oklahoma and was appointed as a Graduate Assistant in the Oklahoma School for the Deaf Edmond Regional Preschool during her first year of graduate school.  This internship was a key component in solidifying her desire to work with students with hearing loss. Nicole began working with Oklahoma City Public Schools in the fall of 2004.  She was employed with them for 10 years.  During that time she was given the opportunity to serve students in the elementary school that housed the Deaf/Hard of Hearing self-contained classrooms for OKCPS.   Nicole’s tenure with OKCPS also afforded her the opportunity to obtain experience with students who have a variety of needs, as well as serving students from a variety of cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic backgrounds.    

Her main area of interest has continued to be serving students with hearing loss.  She desires for every student with hearing loss to be equipped with language skills that will allow him or her to be successful in a classroom setting.  Nicole seeks every opportunity to learn about new hearing technology.  This is a vital component to being able to not only serve children with hearing loss, but being able to teach the University students about the devices, so they will be able to independently care for any devices they encounter in their professional career.

Nicole loves to share her passion for Sign Language and skill sets for working with students with hearing loss with the university students she supervises.