"As health professionals, you have to make sure that you not only look after yourself, but educate the public about what is a critical quality credential and this degree offers that.

"In any class I took, I could mold the information into my focus and take what I wanted to get out of it in order to work with my clientele. You can make every single class unique to you and all the professors are extremely supportive. We need to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to health issues."

Katrina Castle
Exercise Science Graduate

"I have the opportunity to do research on the labyrinth as it pertains to wellness which has long been something in which I am interested.

The one-on-one time with professors has truly been spectacular. It is remarkable to see the opportunities afforded to students and the willingness of the faculty to give so much of their time."

Now, she is focusing on wellness instead of illness.

Carol Naifeh
Health Studies
Researched labyrinth as it pertains to wellness

"Working with special populations is a large part of my job at Chesapeake. I would go to class and learn how to perform an exercise test on an obese person, for example, and then I could apply what I had learned the next day on the job.

"Earning this degree helps me do my job so much better. It is totally possible to work full-time and earn your degree."

Toni Parks-Payne
Director of Chesapeake Energy Fitness Center
Exercise Science Graduate

"At first, I struggled because my background was in journalism but the professors in this program really supported me. Through this experience, I learned that the Wellness Management degree is not just theory but very practical."

I-Chun Chen
Health Studies Graduate
International Student. Plans to return to her home town in Taiwan.

"What I like about this program is that it is united. Students are close to faculty and there is a lot of mentoring. We get one-on-one attention. I am learning how to be a mentor by being mentored at the same time.

"My experience with this program has led me down a different path. Now, I am planning to pursue my doctorate. Becoming a professor is my calling."

Teri Lake
Graduate Research Assistant
Works with senior citizens in exercise class

"I chose to pursue this degree to increase my marketability. I've been able to use what I learn directly and apply it in my primary job. My degree program has assisted me with learning about outreach, grant writing and social marketing. I would highly recommend it to others."

Nina Johnson
Health Studies
HIV Prevention Coordinator

"Earning this degree puts me on another level in terms of interpreting and applying research that I would not have had without going through this program."

Bryan Jackson
Exercise Science Graduate
Chesapeake Energy Living Well Program Director

"Whether it is developing program strategies, analyzing data, or just comprehending terminology, I utilize aspects learned in the program on a daily basis. The Wellness Management /Health Studies program has given me the tools to thrive in my profession.

"The program has taught me to be inquisitive, to creatively solve problems from a variety of different angles and has given me confidence in my ability to execute a successful project and have a positive outcome."

Julie Dearing
Health Studies Graduate
Grants Coordinator

"This program has helped me learn how to develop exercise plans for different populations and for all ages. My degree will help me prepare for the Certified Diabetes Educator exam so I can become a diabetes counselor and help others."

Rachel Stephens 
Exercise Science Graduate

"I am planning to work part-time at a fitness center but would like to one day become a hospital administrator. What I like about UCO is that it is a very close environment. We have a lot of interaction and support from our professors."

Trent Tytle
Health Studies
Hopes to elevate his credentials in the eyes of job prospects

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