College of Education and Professional Studies

Probation, Suspension, and Academic Appeals Process

Probation and Suspension

Students with deficiencies in pre-professional/professional levels progression or retention requirements will be placed on probation for a minimum of one semester. The program director will outline a plan to remove the deficiencies. The plan will be signed by the student.  They will be required to attend and complete all major's courses until probationary status is rescinded. Additional requirements of weekly study hall and tutoring will be required during academic probation. If the plan is not completed by the designated time, the student will be suspended from the program.  Probation may extend the completion date of the clinical program and may delay graduation. Students suspended from the GATEP will only be allowed to retake the courses in which they have earned a grade less than a "B" and request re-instatement to the program.  Students have the right to appeal suspension via the Academic Appeal Process and Grievance Policy.

Academic Appeal Process - Grievance Procedures

All students have the right to appeal a grievance, academic probation or suspension to the program director or Kinesiology and Health Studies (KSH) department chair. A written letter explaining reasons for the appeal is required. The Graduate Athletic Training Education Committee (GATEC) will hear all appeals related to the GATEP.  The program director will chair the GATEC and will present the information for review.  The appealing student will have the opportunity to appear in front of the GATEC. If the GATEC denies the appeal, the student has the right to present the information directly to the KHS department chair for consideration. The department chair will render a decision to overrule or uphold the GATEC findings. The student has the right to appeal to the dean of the Graduate College for the final decision.

If the student has a grievance involving one of the athletic trainers/committee members on the GATEC, the department chair (or department chair designee) will replace the person named in the grievance.  The KHS department chair will chair the GATEC if grievance is against the program director.

At all other times the University's Grievance Policy is in effect, (see Student Code of Conduct Policy.) or seek information from Director of Student Conduct.  All non-academic disciplinary actions are handled through the Vice President for Student Affairs Office.

GATEC members are the program director, clinical coordinator, head athletic trainer, two assigned departmental faculty members and a graduate student.