College of Education and Professional Studies

Student Honor Code

Each GATEP student is expected to act with the utmost ethics and integrity in the classroom, during clinical education and when providing supervised patient care.  If an academic conduct violation occurs, such as, cheating or plagiarism, the instructor will determine the consequence for the student's behavior, e.g. grade reduction.  The instructor may choose to take the issue to the department chair, which may evoke the University Code of Conduct Policy (see below.)  The instructor may choose to inform the program director of the situation at which time disciplinary action may be taken.  Probation, suspension or removal from the program may be the consequence for academic improprieties. 

If an ethical violation occurs during the observation, clinical labs/courses or clinical field experiences the ACI/CI is responsible to correct the behavior immediately.  If the ethical violation is significant or minor violation repeated, the ACI may choose to inform the program director.  The program director will outline a disciplinary action plan, which may result in probation, suspension or removal from the program.  Each GATEP student must be familiarized with the following documents defining ethical behaviors:

  1. NATA Education Council's Foundational Behaviors of Professional Practice
  2. NATA Code of Ethics
  3. BOC, Inc., Standards of Practice
  4. State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision, Chapter 25, Athletic Trainers and Apprentices, Subchapter 5, Section 435:25-5-6, Code of Ethics

University Statement

All full and part-time University of Central Oklahoma students are expected to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity and civility.  The University of Central Oklahoma does not tolerate dishonesty such as cheating, violating the integrity of examinations, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information to University faculty or staff. In addition, harassment, forgery, alteration, damage or misuse of official University documents, records, or identification cards is strictly prohibited.  NOTE: Violation of these expectations, as specified in sections III, IV, and V,  may result in penalties up to and/or including expulsion from the University. Read More