Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

  1. Meet all University and Graduate College requirements.
  2. Complete all Graduate Athletic Training Education Program academic requirements.
  3. Earn a "B" or better in each Graduate Athletic Training Education Program major courses.
  4. Overall GPA of 3.00 or higher with no more than 6 hours of "C," and no more than six advisor-approved hours from traditional correspondence courses
  5. Meet all clinical program requirements of Graduate Athletic Training Education Program.

Other Requirements

Plan of Study. File a Plan of Study with your advisor and the Jackson College of Graduate Studies by the end of the first semester of graduate work. The plan must be signed and dated by the student and the graduate advisor before it can be considered official.

Final Requirements: Fulfill the all graduation requirements, as listed on page 31 of Graduate Catalog and here.

Note: The amounts of all fees are subject to change.  In preparation for graduation, students must obtain correct fee amounts from their program advisor.

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