College of Education and Professional Studies

Basic Financial Fees, Costs, Scholarship and Student Employment

Cost of attending the University can be found on the Graduate College web page, or in the current Graduate Catalog under Tuition and Fees or here.

GATEP approximate costs are listed below. Costs may vary and prices subject to change. Travel cost may depend on location of affiliated site or clinical rotations. Additional information can be provided by program director or clinical coordinator.

  1. There will be a course or lab fee assessed to each course by the department. Typically the assessed fees range from $5.00 to $20.00 per course. See Course Schedule for specific course fees amounts.
  2. Annual Clinical Education Program Fee-$150.00: Uniforms, badge and person clinical equipment. Check made out to UCO-GATEP before fall semester classes start. (Yearly CPR/AED, BBP cards are paid for out of course fees)
  3. Clinical site required TB Test - $20.00
  4. Criminal Background check - $15.00 - $35.00
  5. Apprentice Athletic Trainer License for the State of Oklahoma - initial $30.00 and $15.00 per year paid by August 31, every year.
  6. Admission requirement CPR/First Aid Certification-$35.00 - $50.00
  7. Admission requirement physical examination-$65.00
  8. Admission requirement Hepatitis B Vaccination-$100.00 (In most cases this was completed for High School admission)
  9. Yearly private liability insurance-$15.00 - $40.00. (The GATEP student liability policy will be tied to the Nursing Program's student liability policy.)
  10. Yearly drug testing for certain clinical sites, $40.00 (Drug testing may be through the Edmond Medical Center Hospital or tied to the Nursing Program's yearly testing.  May be paid for out of courses fees. Currently only one drug test is required before the first physical therapy clinical rotation. May be subject to change.)

It is the student's responsibility to provide transportation to off-campus clinical sites, doctor offices, hospitals, outreach, observations and educational seminars related to the clinical education. Access to transportation is required to complete the clinical courses. Transportation costs are estimated at approximately $150.00 per semester.   

Liability and Responsibility Notice

UCO is not responsible for injury or illness as a result of participation in clinical education. Medical and insurance information can be found in the Graduate Catalog. Whether enrolled in an on-campus class or in a UCO internship, practicum, course or activity involving domestic or foreign travel, you are responsible for your own medical treatment and are liable for your own actions. In the event of your injury or illness while participating in a UCO sponsored activity, UCO cannot approve a claim for treatment or reimbursement. Information on insurance is available in the Office of the Vice President for Student Services. Also, a number of reasonably priced insurance policies are available from the private business sector. We strongly encourage you to invest in the appropriate coverage.

Scholarships and Work Employment

There are no GATEP scholarships or Out-of-State tuition waivers at this time. Once enrolled student can apply for tuition waivers (see department chair for details.) All work-study opportunities are related to financial aid eligibility and handled through the Financial Aid Office. See the head athletic trainer for work related employment opportunities which are serviced-based and not related to the Graduate Athletic Training Education Program. GATEP students may apply for the Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies Graduate or Teaching Assistantships. This is a separate application with separate requirements beyond the GATEP admission. Contact the KHS department chair for more information.  Again, it is not recommended that a GATEP student work full time.  A part-time job may be possible same mornings/Sundays.  See the program director for clarification.