Fashion Marketing

Bachelor of Science in Fashion Marketing

The Fashion Marketing major at the University of Central Oklahoma offers a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science - Fashion Marketing degree. The fashion industry is composed of several segments: fibers, fabrics, apparel, retailing, production, wholesaling, and media. Together, these segments form an industry so broad, so complex and so varied there is hardly a skill, an aptitude, or an interest that cannot be accommodated. Because of the size and diversity of the fashion industry, the Fashion Marketing Program concentrates its course work in three specific areas: apparel, advertising/promotion, and retailing. The comprehensive curriculum is designed to give the students specialized training and information that will be of assistance in moving forward within a challenging fashion marketing career.

The apparel and textiles industry include some of the largest employers in the nation. Career tracts can be at the store or corporate levels.

Career Opportunities

Types of Employers

Retailers and manufacturers hire Fashion Marketing graduates. They are looking for graduates who possess keen business skills and the ability to manage people, merchandise, and money. Store positions include in-store management, employee training, district or regional management of multiple stores with opportunities for promotion to corporate levels. Corporate positions may focus on merchandise buying, allocation of merchandise to stores, and visual merchandising.

Related Professional Organizations

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