Family Life Education

Bachelor of Science in Family Life Education

The Family Life Education Program is the study of the development of children and their families from the prenatal stage throughout the lifespan. The program focuses on interpersonal relationships and developmental tasks of all family members. This program has three majors: Child Development, Gerontology and Marriage and Family.

Child Development

The Child Development major provides students with a strong foundation on the growth and development of young children and the importance of parent education, play, and assessment when working with families. Curricula will prepare students for career opportunities by building competencies to work with children and their families. Course content focuses on prenatal through adolescent development as well as current issues that effect today's families. Upon completion of the degree, students will be prepared to enter graduate programs with a concentration in Child Development and related areas. Students are prepared to apply for the following certifications: Certified Family Life Educator and Certified Child (CFLE) and Parenting Practitioner (CCPP).


The Gerontology major will provide students with a concentration of courses related to the older adult. Because of the rapid pace at which our society is aging and the high percent of older adults, students will increase their career opportunities as they work with this age in the population. A graduate with a bachelor’s of science in family life education-gerontology is prepared for a career in administration, advocacy, and care of older adults. Also, the program will prepare students to work with families who are making decisions about the care of their older family members. Completion of this major allows the graduate to enter graduate programs in Gerontology and satisfy requirements for the Certified Family Life Education (CFLE) and other certifications available.

Marriage and Family

The Marriage and Family major is designed for students who desire to work with families in family life education and/or in family and community service settings. The curriculum has a broad interdisciplinary component including course work in individual development, marital and family systems, professionalism and ethics, and research. Students are prepared to apply for the following certifications:

Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) and Certified Child and Parenting Practitioner (CCPP). Students are also prepared for graduate programs in marriage and family, and related fields.

Career Opportunities

A graduate with a bachelor's of science in family and child development is prepared for a career in parent education, early interventions, child care administration, teaching in programs for infants to school-age children, and social services in child and family programs.

Opportunities for those in Pre-Professional Programs (additional education necessary)

Job Opportunities

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