College of Education and Professional Studies

Association for Childhood Education International

What is ACEI?

The University of Central Oklahoma's Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) Chapter is an involved campus organization primarily aimed at adequately equipping and preparing education majors for their future classrooms by influencing professional growth, as well as additionally concentrating on the importance of literacy within the community.  The international ACEI website can be found by accessing

Mission & Vision

The primary purpose of ACEI is to promote inherent rights, education, and well-being of all children in the home, school, and community, envisioning that every child in every nation will have access to quality education.  This education will prepare children to become responsible and engaged citizens in our ever-changing world.

Member Involvement & Benefits

As a member of ACEI, you will be given the opportunity to work with other Education majors by participating in designated events, such as the Scholastic Book Fair which benefit local schools and impact the lives of children.  ACEI members will receive a copy of the Childhood Education Journal.  Each issue informs and inspires the classroom teacher with cutting-edge articles providing innovative classroom practices, current education issues, as well as vital research on childhood education. 

Meeting Information

Each ACEI meeting is full of valuable information provided by officers, sponsors, local educators, as well as special guest speakers.  Meetings include door prizes, book presentations, lesson plans, and activities that will be wonderful for use in future classrooms.  Don't miss out on the fun!