College of Education and Professional Studies

Master of Education in Educational Leadership

The Master of Education in Educational Leadership offers a degree in school administration K-12. The degree program is based on requirements for the Elementary or Secondary School Principal Standard Certificate as set forth by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

The Educational Leadership degree program prepares school leaders who demonstrate the knowledge and skills required of future administrators. The curricula is designed in an integrated problem-based mode to promote an understanding of the relationships between the various knowledge and skill areas in education leadership. Clinical internship tasks and field experiences provide the necessary transition from the study of content areas toward a more realistic workplace experience.

Career Opportunities

The Educational Leadership degree program prepares instructional leaders who demonstrate the knowledge and skills required of future school administrators. Clinical internship tasks and multiple field experiences inform students of the numerous career opportunities available to certified school administrators.

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Students seeking an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership must fulfill the following requirements before they will be formally admitted to the program.

Applicants must submit the following to the Jackson College of Graduate Studies and Research, Room 404, Nigh University Center:

  1. UCO application packet for Graduate Admission.
  2. Official copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts from each institution attended, with all degrees posted. The bachelor’s degree must be from an accredited institution.
  3. $50.00 application fee
  4. Copy of current teaching certificate
  5. Letter from school administrator verifying at least two years teaching experience in a public or private school accredited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Students must have an undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.75 or a 2.75 in the last 60 hours.  Applicants not meeting this GPA requirement may qualify for conditional admission according to the conditional admission criteria outlined in the current graduate catalog.

EADM Course Requirements

The M.Ed in Educational Leadership requires 34 graduate credit hours.

  • PTE 5013 Foundation of Education Research
  • EADM 5543 Fundamentals of Public School Administration *
  • PTE 5153 Advanced Developmental Psychology in an Educational Setting
  • EADM 5453 Interpersonal Relationships/School Administration
  • EADM 5673 School Personnel Administration
  • EADM 5683 Curriculum Leadership
  • EADM 5353 Technology for School Administration
  • EADM 5623 Supervision & Evaluation of Instruction
  • EADM 5553 Legal Aspects of School Administration
  • EADM 5583 Public School Finance
  • EADM 5814 Principalship/Internship **

*Must be taken within the first nine hours of the program of study at UCO.
**Must be taken the semester prior to graduation or in the Spring prior to a Summer graduation.

Tentative Class Schedule

The tentative class schedule allows students to know which courses are expected to be offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters.  This information is helpful in planning each semester's course work.  Please note:  Every effort is made to ensure the tentative class schedule is accurate and courses are offered according to the information given.  However, changes may be made without warning depending on departmental resources. 

Certification Requirements

The individual seeking certification is responsible for following all guidelines presented in the University of Central Oklahoma graduate catalog, depending upon the academic level of the certificate sought. Graduate level certificates require graduate level course work and completion of a master’s degree for standard certification. 

Periodically the program guidelines, course work, and state regulations change. It is the responsibility of the individual seeking certification to meet the revised standards. An individual should therefore periodically review the most recent UCO catalog, certification course lists, and state regulations, particularly when an extended period of time has elapsed during the completion of a program. 

The UCO Teacher Education Services Office is located in Education Building, room 207, telephone 974-5710. Applications and other information regarding certification may be obtained from that office. Applications for certification based on the completion of the University of Central Oklahoma approved programs are processed through the Teacher Education Services Office.

Professors' Areas of Expertise

Dr. J. Kirk Webster
Associate Professor / Program Coordinator

  • Courses Taught: Fundamentals of Public School Administration, Curriculum Leadership, Legal Aspects of School Administration, Supervision and Evaluation, Interpersonal Relations for School Administrators, and Principal/Internship
  • Research Interests: Principal / Superintendent Leadership, Cohort Partnerships, Urban School Leadership, Alternative Certification

Dr. Cheryl Evans
Associate Professor

  • Courses Taught: Fundamentals of Public School Administration, Curriculum Leadership, School Personnel Administration, Principalship/Internship, Interpersonal Relations of School Administrators
  • Research Interests: Curriculum, Rural School Leadership, Collaborative Partnerships, Cohort Learning, Interpersonal Relationships

Dr. Paul Haxton
Assistant Professor

  • Courses Taught: Public School Finance, Legal Aspects of School Administration, School Personnel Administration, Principalship/Internship
  • Research Interests: School Finance, School Law, International Leadership