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Thank you for your interest in the  UCO Special Education Boot Camp!
The UCO Special Education “Boot Camp" (HB1233) is the state of Oklahoma’s current answer to the shortage of teachers for special education students.  HB1233 is designed to allow individuals who have always wished to teach the states most wonderful population an opportunity to fulfill a dream.

Individuals who do not have a current degree, or certification in special education now have an opportunity to enter this in-demand field.  Completion of UCO Boot Camp allows individuals the ability to apply for a Provisional Certification through the Oklahoma State Department of Education and learn while you earn.

What are the qualifications?

• a degree from an accreditation institution of higher education in any areas other than general studies.
• 2.7 grade point average
• Commitment to complete master’s degree or certification in special education
• Employable by a school district
• Commitment to remain with district for at least three years after earning Standard Certification in Special Education

How do I sign up for UCO Special Education Boot Camp?
Please complete and submit Boot Camp Application to The Donna Nigh Department of Advanced Professional and Special Services

If you are currently not a UCO student, please apply through the Jackson College of Graduate Studies as a non-degree seeking student here.

If you are a current UCO student, please contact Colleen Decker for permission to enroll: (405) 974-5437

Click here to see a comprehensive breakdown of the development of HB1233 and everything you need to know about receiving special education standard certification.