College of Education and Professional Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

New students are required to seek advisement from Dr. Frank Nelson for:

  • Professional courses
  • Career information
  • Information on course sequencing
  • Substitutions
  • Permission to enroll or to waive certain prerequisites
  • Course rotation scheduled, etc.?

How Frequently?

  • Upon entering the program
  • As part of the admission to Teacher Education process
  • At least six weeks before taking the OSAT exam

Students must also see Dr. Nelson:

  • When applying for Student Teaching
  • During their next to last semester to handle all substitutions
  • Enrolling in Capstone as an Individual Study.

What are commonly substituted courses?

Due to low enrollment, the following courses may be substituted and will need Substitution Forms completed before doing your Graduation check during your next to last semester:

  • DES 4910, Design Techniques for Non-Majors I
  • OCTE 4553, Multimedia Production
  • DES 4910, Design Techniques for Non-Majors II
  • OCTE 4543, Web Design
  • ISOM 4910, Managing and Maintaining a PC
  • OCTE 4723, Troubleshoot and Maintain a Computer Network
  • LES 3113, Legal Environment of Business
  • OCTE 4533, Integrating Project Based Learning

NOTE: Any higher-level computer course (e.g., 3000 level or higher course that covers more than Word, such as information systems, networking, etc,. may be used instead of any one of the above listed substitutions.