College of Education and Professional Studies

Dr. Fred's Mentorship Endowed Fund

William A. Frederickson

Dr. Frederickson

Establisher: Patsie Frederickson

Dr. Frederickson was the epitome of the life-long learner, a consummate student who never left the academy. He was also an artist-a wood carver who released strange and beautiful faces from gnarled tree roots-he also released intellects from the gnarled roots of fuzzy thinking and immaturity.

Dr. Frederickson's goals for the Psychology Department were always visionary and learning-centered. I think you will agree that he would like to be remembered as a mentor who was able to endow fellowships for students.

If you would like to help us pay it forward you can make a contribution by continuing to this web site.

In step #2 select "Other Designation" and type: Dr. Fred's (William A. Frederickson) Mentorship Endowed Fund