College of Education and Professional Studies

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

The Kinesiology Program offers the following majors:

Exercise/Fitness Management

Advisor: Dr. Darla Fent

Exercise/Fitness Management prepares professionals to promote and manage positive, healthful lifestyles in others. It is designed to provide to the corporate, industrial, recreational, educational and medical settings trained personnel who are capable of conducting adult fitness assessments and developing physical training programs that involve exercise and physical activity. This major is interdisciplinary and includes courses from chemistry, computer science, management, recreation, as well as from health and physical education.

Wellness is no longer a health trend or fad; it has become a lifestyle. In order to teach people how to manage stress, maintain a healthy diet, stay physically fit and cope with general health problems in our society, professional programs must be instituted. As wellness and health maintenance programs develop in hospitals, corporations, universities, and other agencies, the demand will grow for qualified leaders and directors. The corporate world has noted that fitness programs produce an upswing in employee productivity, improves the quality of daily living and often results in substantial financial savings for employees. In meeting these ever-changing demands, the Exercise and Fitness Management program continually strives to provide the curriculum and experiences to enable students to serve in such leadership positions.

One of the Exercise and Fitness Management Program’s most recent accomplishments underlying its emphasis on continual growth and improvement is receiving initial national accreditation in Exercise Science via the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) in July, 2011. This credential is unique in that the Exercise & Fitness Program at UCO is the only CAAHEP accredited Exercise Science program in the state of Oklahoma and one of the few in this region of the United States.

[Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs (CAAHEP), 1361 Park Street, Clearwater, FL 33756, (727) 210-2350.]

Course Syllabi

Course syllabi provide the student with consistent, general course information for each course (e.g., course description, course requirements, tentative schedule, etc…) although specific section information may vary from instructor to instructor.

Required Core

Required Theory

Outdoor and Community Recreation

Advisor: Mr. Jerel Cowan

There is a tremendous and ever-increasing demand for trained professionals who will guide others toward life enrichment through lifetime leisure pursuits. The Outdoor/Community Recreation Management degree program at the University of Central Oklahoma provides this training through a broad foundation, which is interdisciplinary in nature.

This concentration represents a curriculum that educates, trains, and prepares the student to enter the leisure service profession and industry. Due to the vast size, breadth and diversity of the field, it is necessary to provide learning opportunities to compare and contrast systems from a public, quasi-public, private and commercial perspective. The Outdoor/Community Recreation program is designed to focus on leadership, programming, planning, marketing and promoting, supervisory, administrative and management positions in the profession.