College of Education and Professional Studies

UCO Fashion Troupe

The UCO Fashion Troupe is a student organization related to Fashion Marketing Program. The main purposes of Fashion Troupe are:

  • To enlarge the student's understanding of the present and future scope of careers in the fashion merchandising area;
  • To emphasize and promote professional, rather than social, aspects of student activities on campus;
  • To facilitate the preparation of students to assume the responsibilities of a career professional;
  • To represent the students collectively in all extracurricular matters relative to faculty, profession, and other organizations.

Benefits and Activities

  • Local Newsletters
  • Scholarships and Awards
  • Monthly Programs and Meetings
  • Christmas Party
  • UCO President's Christmas Party
  • Dallas Career Day
  • Planning Retreat

Faculty Sponsors

  • Dr. Darlene Kness
  • Dr Susan Miller