Veteran Support Alliance [VSA]

     The VetHERO is supported by the Veteran Support Alliance [VSA], founded in 2009 by Beth Adele. The Veteran Support Alliance [VSA] was founded to create a network of veterans, service members, and their families. Veterans have a unique world view, and one that enhances our campus. 

     UCO has a large population of veterans using their G.I. Bill and many more faculty, staff, and students who have served or are serving the United States in the various military branches.  With the new G.I. Bill that allows more flexibility in using the benefits and the ability to transfer benefits to dependents coupled with more service men and women returning from serving in foreign operations, higher education can see an increase of an additional 30% of veteran enrollment in the next academic year.

     UCO’s veteran community and their families have had unique experiences aside from the general student population that may lead to the need for specialized services, accommodations, support mechanisms, and certainly lead to the need for recognition and commendation.  Please join UCO in exploring the ways we may support and honor the service that our veterans have provided.  The UCO Veteran Support Alliance will be comprised of you and self-selected members of the faculty, staff, and student population. If you have any questions, please contact Al Jones, at or 974-2775.