Transformative Learning (TL) Rubrics

Assessment of transformative learning at the University of Central Oklahoma is accomplished through using Transformative Learning (TL) Rubrics. Faculty and professional staff intentionally create learning activities and environments designed to expand students’ perspectives about themselves and others so that they understand the benefit of developing important life skills while they are in college and afterwards as life-long learners.

Using the appropriate TL Rubric, the faculty or professional staff member, evaluates and assigns a TL value to the student’s performance and/or level of engagement in that activity. The assessment counts toward achievement of TL badges and is documented in the Student Transformative Learning Record.  TL Rubrics are based on AAC&U VALUE rubrics where applicable. Rubrics for Health & Wellness and Leadership, for which no VALUE rubrics exist, have been constructed in a similar fashion and with the same rating scale as for VALUE rubrics. See The Central Six for information about rubrics and outcomes for each tenet.

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