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April 5, 2012

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The goal for the 2012 Transformative Learning Conference is to help the University of Central Oklahoma problem-solve through Transformative Learning. At this year’s conference UCO will be the client; our faculty, staff and students will be the consultants. Participants will be able to creatively share solutions to challenges regarding the development of academic majors, university programs and campus initiatives that can effectively integrate the 'Central Six' in a meaningful way.

How will this conference work:

UCO faculty, staff and students submitted questions for deliberation regarding the transformative learning process. The questions were reviewed by the conference committee and panels will be formed to discuss each question. Faculty, staff and students will have the opportunity to participate as discussion group members. Each panel will have a moderator and two writers. To participate as a writer or as a discussion group member, visit the Call for Discussion Participants and Writers. This process reflects the conference title. We will engage Central through the submission of challenges that exist on campus; we will innovate through deliberation and collaboration amongst participation; and will solve the challenges that exist for our campus.

Moderators: Scholars and educators in their own right, moderators keep the conversation moving in the discussion sessions. It is their job to elicit comments and critical perspectives from discussion group members and to direct discussion to some resolution that can be captured in written articles. The conference committee has selected these individuals from our campus community who have shown commitment and leadership in the six tenets of transformative learning.

Writers: Members of the campus community with an active publication record are assigned to the topical groups. Their role is to distill core ideas; report on the diversity or similarity of opinion; and position the discussion within the current discourse on higher education and transformative learning. The writers report out what they hear at the end of the conference and follow up with published articles.

Student Presentations: Students were encouraged to submit their answer to the question, "How was I transformed at UCO?" The Transformative Learning Conference Committee will select students from those that submitted to share their transformative experiences during the 2012 conference. These students will be included in “video testimonials” that will play continuously during the first hour of the lunch break during the conference in Constitution Hall, in an engaging panel discussion, and through the presentation of posters during the conference. For questions regarding student presentations, please contact Jarrett Jobe, Executive Director of Student Leadership, at 405-974-2626 or via email at jjobe@uco.edu.

Questions and Comments:
For enquiries regarding this conference, please contact: Dr. Dennis Dunham • ddunham1@uco.edu • X2373