Transformative Learning - The Central Six: Global and Cultural Competencies

Global and Cultural Competencies

The commitment to Global and Cultural Competencies as part of the transformative learning process at UCO demonstrates the importance of preparing students to communicate effectively in a complex world, to function in multiple and diverse environments, and to adapt to the continuously changing global society. Globally competent students are lifelong learners who are aware of the world around them. 

Cultural competence is based on the four principles of awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills. Awareness refers to the consciousness of multiculturalism; attitude is the perspective of an individual toward cultural differences; and knowledge is being erudite of cultural views and practices. The practice of the first three principles while working with others results in skill. The acquirement of the foundational principles of awareness, attitude, knowledge and skills aids in the ability to interact in meaningful and productive ways with those of different cultures.    

Global and Cultural Competencies Student Learning Outcomes

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