The President’s Council as been charged with several major tasks:

  • Take the leadership role in devising UCO’s strategic plan. The President’s Cabinet has set general strategic goals through its recent retreat. The President’s Council is charged with assuming the campus leadership role in developing these broad goals into a workable plan that includes specific goals, measureable objectives, and the strategies and tactics to accomplish them.
  • Serve as the nucleus of a University Planning Group. The UPG will draw from across the campus, by calling upon faculty, staff and student experts to collaborate in Goal working teams. Their work will help the Council formulate focused goals and objectives that can be realized, and which are embedded in the values of our Central Six.
  • Coordinate a campus-wide conversation during the fall of 2012 in response to the preliminary work by the UPG and President’s Council.
  • Monitor implementation of the plan after its completion, fall 2012. The President’s Council will continuously monitor progress on implementing the plan. The Council will review proposals from divisions and departments to achieve the plan, and then offer recommendations to the Cabinet on prioritizing the funding to realize them.
  • Throughout its existence the Council will be an ideation team that will continuously scan our external and internal environments to effectively advise the Cabinet on periodic adjustments to the plan.