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UCOLA 2013 Breakout Sessions

The 2012 UCOLA Breakout Sessions lineup includes:

Goal Setting

This experience will be a high energy event that will help to show the participants how important it is to utilize goal setting techniques. These acquired skills will be beneficial in school and in everyday life.

1. Caleb Cash & Nathan Foster

2. Jarrett Jobe & Casey Moore


The teambuilding experience will feature a plethora of stimulating and challenging exercises. These exercises will allow the students to see all of the benefits of a successful team environment and situation.

1. Marni Fahrenbruck & Rachel Parks

2. Bob Ault & Nathan Woolard

Leadership & Communication

This experience will display how important precise and optimal communication is to the leadership process. The activities facilitated will be centered on the importance of the communication process, and how technology will affect subsequent generations' communication styles.

1. MeShawn Conley & Adrienne Nobles

2. Melissa Hayt & Keelee Bright

Transition & Trust

This particular experience is the only one that is facilitated solely by current Central students. With this session, current Central upperclassmen will explain and demonstrate the importance of the academic and life transition process and how trust plays a key role.

1. Autumn Davenport & Michael Shellabarger

2. Zach Layn & Marco Rodriguez