Leadership Minor

Leadership Minor

One of the single greatest determining factors of success is the ability to be a highly effective leader. Leadership skills are valued and respected and have become increasingly pursued in the workforce. UCO offers the Leadership Minor which provides students with essential leadership qualities and principles that will enhance and solidify success both in the classroom and the workplace.

For questions and/or assistance with the Leadership Minor, please contact Dr. Rozilyn Miller, Director of Leadership studies at rozmiller@uco.edu 


Benefits of the minor

The Leadership Minor provides a comprehensive group of courses that will complement and enrich all academic programs. Students who have a Leadership Minor will find they have a valuable added skill set to boost their marketability, while providing supplementary productivity and an increase in their ability to set and exceed workplace goals and objectives. In today's job market, the occupational quality desired the most in hirable employees is the ability to showcase strong leadership skills. The Leadership Minor at UCO strives to continually raise the bar and provide the community, state and nation with the next generation of remarkable leaders who will leave a mark of efficiency and distinction in their wake

Career Services can help you find an Internship for the Leadership Minor.Waterfall at Broncho Lake


The Leadership Minor requires 18 hours of coursework. Rigorous academic courses will prepare students for current and future leadership roles in whatever career path they choose.

Selected courses will require involvement in activities that will give students practical experiences in leadership opportunities relating to their chosen fields.

The Leadership Minor can be tailored to fit any degree program. Elective courses are continually added to the leadership curriculum. Some course substitutions may be accepted with prior approval.

Required Courses

LEAD 2213 Theories of Leadership 
LEAD 3313 Leadership and Civic Engagement
LEAD 4213 Ethics and Leadership OR
POL   4253 Ethics in Public Service
LEAD 4893 Civic Leadership Capstone


Want to know more? The Leadership Minor Brochure offers additional insight into this exciting program.

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